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01 24x7 Open House

Always online, buyers can view the property at their convenience, any day, any time.

02 3D View

Buyers can walk through the property in 3D, navigating the layout of the home at their own leisure.

03 Floor Plans

2D floor plans with measurements so buyers can easily envision their new home.

Win Listings

Elevate your marketing to win over sellers during listing presentations.

iGuide 3D Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based off the square footage of the home being scanned. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for pricing information.

What parts of the property are scanned?

All interior spaces are scanned, including closets and garages. One or two exterior panoramas will also be done of the front/back.

Do you have to scan everything?

No! We can leave doors closed if requested, however floor plans are only as accurate as the information we have. If we don’t scan a room, that room won’t be visible in the Tour or floor plan. We can also “hide” a room in the Tour viewer, but still scan it for the floor plan.

How long does it take?

It takes about 35 minutes to cover a 2,000sqft home on-site. Larger homes take an increased amount of time. The final product is generally available the next business day.

Can I get a 3D Tour done of an existing listing?

Yes! If we already took photos and/or video of a listing and you need a boost, we can most definitely book a 3D Tour to add to the marketing media for the listing!

Is the 3D Tour a video?

No! The 3D Tour is a collection of panoramic, spherical still photos that allow the viewer to look around in 3D space. Although you can navigate through the home, the end result is not full-motion video but rather interactive still photos.

Does the 3D Tour replace still photos?

No! Although the quality of the iGuide 3D Tour is excellent, the resulting snapshots are not at the level of quality that we get from standard still photography.

Does the 3D Tour replace video walk-throughs?

No! Video walk-throughs are full-motion video, and they get uploaded to Vimeo/YouTube. 3D Tours don’t get uploaded to YouTube, so if you count on the marketing/exposure you get from YouTube, you would likely want to keep doing videos as well.

Are still photos and 3D Tours done at the same time?

Yes they are completed in the same visit, however 3D Tours are completed with a different camera from still photography.

Can you PhotoShop and edit the 3D Tour images?

No! Just like photography, homes need to be photo-ready prior to appointment time. There will be no editing of any scan images, so what is visible in person at the property will be visible in the 3D Tour. Any furniture/decor that isn’t wanted in the Tour needs to be removed prior to scanning.

How are 3D Tours shared?

The 3D Tours are embedded in our Virtual Tour Links along with the still photography and/or video walk-through. The Virtual Tour link can be shared via email, Facebook, added to the listing in MLS, etc. (View an Example)

How do I get a 2D floor plan created?

A 2D floor plan (pdf) is included! If you want just the 2D floor plan but not a 3D Tour, the cost is the same as the measurement/photo taking process to build the floor plan doesn’t change.

How accurate are the floor plans?

Floor plans are really accurate, however they are approximate. We’ll even include closets to get as much square footage in the plan as possible. Note that sellers/buyers are always asked to verify any square footage measurements for accuracy.


3D Tour iGuide Pricing

Up to 2,000 SQFT


Up to 3,000 SQFT

$225 +tax

Up to 4,000 SQFT

$300 +tax

Up to 5,000 SQFT

$375 +tax

5,001+ SQFT

$450 (+$75 per additional 1,000 SQFT) +tax