Whether you are a real estate agent taking interior photos for a listing or a home owner taking photos of your interior, there are 4 top ways to take better interior photos. Let’s view what the final product should look like after all 4 tips are followed:

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-Top-4-Ways-To-Take-Better-Interior-Photos_1.jpg[/image]

Now it’s time to get your photos to look like the finished product above!

[h2]Tip #1: Straighten the Verticals[/h2]
With real estate photography, it’s important to keep verticals straight. Homes and buildings are built with straight vertical lines so it is important to reflect that reality in the photo. Keeping that in mind when you take a photo of a room will prevent the room from skewing or converging. Let’s take a look at an example from a regular digital pocket camera.

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-Top-4-Ways-To-Take-Better-Interior-Photos_2.jpg[/image]

Here we stood in the doorway of the room, held the camera up to our eye and shot the photo. When we do this we tend to point the camera down to get more of the room in the image. This results in our verticals being skewed. You can see the paintings are at angles in the frame and the window framing is not perfectly vertical. Let’s adjust the positioning of our camera by leveling it out so our verticals are straight and see what we end up with.

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-Top-4-Ways-To-Take-Better-Interior-Photos_3.jpg[/image]

[h2]Tip #2: Use a Wide-Angle Lens[/h2]
In order to show the entire space correctly in real estate photography, we need to use a wide-angle lens. Although our verticals are now straight, our view is very compact and small. We don’t have a good view of the room as a whole. To correct this issue, we need to use a wide-angle lens that will allow us to get more of the room in the frame. Here is our shot after switching to a wide-angle lens.

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-Top-4-Ways-To-Take-Better-Interior-Photos_4.jpg[/image]

[h2]Tip #3: Obtain Even Lighting[/h2]
So far we are looking good! Our verticals are straight up and down and we are able to see more of the room. However now we are running into an additional problem: lighting. Because it’s so bright outside, our camera has a hard time lighting everything up inside the space. We are unable to see much detail in the floor and the side of the bed facing the camera is relatively dark. To obtain even lighting, we either need to combine multiple exposures together or introduce additional flashes into our frame. Here is our shot after merging multiple exposures together to obtain even lighting.

[image border=”true” size=”huge” shadow=”true”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-Top-4-Ways-To-Take-Better-Interior-Photos_1.jpg[/image]

[h2]Tip #4: Hire a Professional Real Estate Photographer[/h2]
The average person taking a photo of an interior probably doesn’t have the equipment or knowledge necessary to complete all 3 steps above. This is where a professional real estate photographer can help. Hiring someone like Unique Exposure Photography gives you all of the tools necessary to have great home interior photos as they have the equipment, software and knowledge to product top quality images.

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