May 2011

How High Are You

Sometimes it is important to ask yourself: How high are you?

When you take photos of real estate, it is important you are taking them at the correct height. Although height is important in interior photos, we are going to take a look at the exterior shot. Last week we noted we would be discussing Pole Aerial Photography (PAP). PAP is utilized by real estate photographers to obtain a photo angle that isn’t possible while standing on the ground with the camera at eye level. For bigger homes, it is advantageous for the front exterior shot because it allows the viewer to be more at eye level with the home instead of appearing to strain the neck while looking up at the home. Sometimes, as this example will show, you can gain a great perspective by raising the height of your camera.

Take a look at the following photo shot in the back yard of a home. This photo was shot by the agent with the camera at eye level. You get to see the greenery behind the home and the viewer sees a portion of the back side of the home.

[image shadow=”true” border=”true” size=”huge” align=”center”][/image]

The main focal point of the image is the greenery. Although potential buyers will appreciate a landscaped backyard, in this instance we are hiding the selling point of this home. Check out the photo Unique Exposure Photography took of this same backyard.

[image shadow=”true” border=”true” size=”huge” align=”center”][/image]

The resulting image shows us something that was hiding in the previous photo. A beautiful pool!

When you hire a professional real estate photographer, you are not hiring someone simply to take high-quality photos of your listing. You are hiring someone that has the equipment and skills required to take high-quality photos of your properties at the angles necessary to bring out the best of the home.

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