RAW Gives You The Chance To Adjust White Balance

Usually when you hear the word RAW it brings images to your mind of a butcher counter or sushi bar. In the world of photography, however, RAW has a very different meaning. A RAW image format is one where the camera does very little to manipulate or process the image it is recording. Some people call a RAW image file a digital negative as it contains all of the information needed for a photographer to process and make a final image. This is in contrast to using a camera and shooting in JPEG.

When you use JPEG there will be a greater amount of processing done in the recording of the image, which results in limitations during the editing phase. This is because JPEG image data is compressed by the camera and assumptions are made about what information from the photo is needed and what is not.

So you may be asking yourself, “Why does this matter for real estate photography”? It’s all about reaching a higher level of quality and control. With the many Fort Worth homes for sale and listed on the market, it’s important you make a great first impression. Having photos of your property that accurately represent the color and lighting in the home is paramount to impressing potential buyers and enticing them to come visit the home.

When we do a photo shoot of your property, our work doesn’t end when we get in the car and drive home. We utilize software to process those digital negatives to ensure a high level of accuracy for the different colors and light in the room. Once we are satisfied with our image adjustments, we convert the photos to JPEG files so that our clients can easily share the images online. The key is that we only create a JPEG once we know we have an image that accurately represents the property.

Here is a great video from realestatephotographypodcast.com that will help demonstrate the higher level of control that RAW image formats provide. (Skip to 1:49 for the good stuff.)

[youtube id=”c7IcRMiY3Jw” width=”608″ height=”372″]

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