Photos and Video are VERY Important

It’s amazing how many people talk about the importance of photos and video in marketing real estate. All it takes is a google search to see the vast number of blog posts and youtube videos showcasing tips for taking better photos or using video to market your properties:

The list goes on and on. But what is more interesting is the fact that Realtor magazines write up pages on these subjects all the time. Take the July 2011 Texas Realtor magazine for example. There wasn’t just one article on photography or video. There were two articles, one on each topic!

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The photography article suggests realtors should slow down and take their time. Find the right angles, use a wide-angle lens and take a second to see what you are photographing. We’ve seen this first hand while shooting properties. We’ll be setting up a tripod and the agent is running around like crazy snapping photo after photo! By flying through the property with the home-owners present, you are showing them that you either don’t know what you are doing, or you aren’t interested in investing any quality time in taking great photos of the property for them.

The video article tries to nudge realtors into the realm of video for not only marketing properties, but marketing themselves and improving their brand. It suggests to start easy by creating a video slideshow of still photos. After a comfort level is reached, explore more video options like sending your clients messages via video or helping them learn by describing the real estate process in short video clips and hosting them on a website.

It’s been said over and over again that 90% or more homeowners start their search online. This fact is only backed up by the numerous tips and videos that are showing up all over to help agents better market their property.

Obviously we agree that photos are important in selling a home, which is why we offer professional real estate photography in the Fort Worth and surrounding North Texas area. We also are now realizing that video can be a platform that takes real estate marketing to the next level and really sets agents apart from the competition. Stay tuned to see what we are working on and how you can take advantage of a technology that currently isn’t being utilized in DFW.

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