YouTube has done it again by reaching another milestone. The month of October saw 20 billion views. Can you believe it, 20 BILLION views!? Consumers want video! Watch the video below for a recap and view a couple of ways you can help market your business through video on YouTube.

[youtube id=”kmLDD6mWiLQ” width=”608″ height=”372″]

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How much is twenty billion? Yes, it’s billions and billions, but if we compared twenty billion to the three hundred seven million US population we see twenty billion is about sixty five times the US population.

If you are a coffee lover you’ll be happy to hear twenty billion days is equivalent to fifty four million seven hundred ninety four thousand five hundred years twenty worth of daily starbucks.

But really … Just how much is twenty billion? And what does it have to do with YouTube? In October, YouTube surpassed twenty billion views. Are you taking advantage of YouTube?

If you are a realtor and a client types your name into Google, do they see an agent testimonial? If you own an interior design company, do clients see testimonials and examples of your work when they Google your name? Maybe you are a realtor and you have property for sale. When potential buyers Google the property address, do they see a video walk-through in the result list?

With twenty billion views in a single month, it’s important to harness the power of YouTube and use video in your marketing.

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