North Texas Real Estate Agents… are you looking for a house warming gift for your buyers? I have a great idea for those of you located in the Colleyville, Southlake, Keller and Grapevine areas. 

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The Tiny Cake Shop asked me if I could help them with professional photos of their cupcakes and also create a promo video that would be displayed on their website they were having developed. I loved the idea of helping Randi Tatsch create a video of her baking cupcakes, so I accepted.

[image lightbox=”true” group=”cupcakes” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”Layered cake with flowers and cupcakes.” size=”large” align=”right”][/image]

I was amazed to see eye-catching vignettes set up with cupcake and cake products by Tiny Cake Shop. Flowers were mixed in with the various displays and cupcakes were carefully placed throughout.

After taking photos of the displays, I had to watch as one-by-one, each cupcake was placed in front of me to take a photo of just the single cupcake. I told Randi that it probably wasn’t a good idea that I didn’t eat before the photo shoot. They all just looked so delicious!

[image lightbox=”true” group=”cupcakes” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”Valentine’s Day cupcake.” size=”medium” align=”right”][/image]

[image lightbox=”true” group=”cupcakes” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”St. Patrick’s Day cupcake.” size=”medium” align=”right”][/image]

I ended up walking away with a Lemon Cupcake, and it was gone within a mile from leaving the shoot.

If you are a realtor and looking for a house warming gift, you should give Tiny Cake Shop a try. You would be supporting a local small business, and your clients will have a treat they will surely enjoy!


Did you read through this article, and then watch the video? Or did you start playing the video first before reading?

Odds are you started watching the video because that was more interesting to you than the text on the page. The same holds true for marketing North Texas real estate. Consumers are watching an enormous amount of video online and they would much rather watch a video of a property instead of looking at the boring photos and MLS Listing Data that they normally are presented with.

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    Bonus Info

    The background music in the video was created specifically for this project by Taylor Tatsch. I was thrilled when he sent it to me because it fit Randi and Tiny Cake Shop perfectly! Taylor used an acoustic guitar, shaker and piano to create the piece.

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