We’ve all been there – a real estate conference where the focus is on using video when marketing real estate. There are a lot of tips shared, and you jot down as many notes as you can. You get back to your office in North Texas and tell your real estate agent colleagues of all of the new and exciting things you have learned, but you have no idea where to start.

These tutorials are meant to help you take video that you want to introduce into your business and brand as a realtor and unleashing their full potential to help you market real estate.

First, I invite you to watch my introduction video that is posted over on the Unique Exposure Photography Facebook page:

[youtube id=”cxWRKZiVy3c” width=”612″ height=”344″]

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Now let’s get straight to the point – the first part of the Marketing Real Estate with Video series.

1 – How to Upload Real Estate Videos to YouTube

This tutorial on marketing real estate with video is the beginning of the series and it discusses how to upload a video file to YouTube. When uploading real estate videos to YouTube it is important to utilize a title that increases the likelihood of buyers finding your property video online.

This real estate video tutorial shows ways you can use the description to your advantage as a North Texas real estate agent and display your contact information for those in search of a realtor, and it also gives you a head start at properly tagging your real estate videos. After watching this video you will be well on your way to getting your real estate video online!

[youtube id=”jS12odR0fqo” width=”612″ height=”344″]

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Additional real estate video topics that I will be sharing include:

  • How to market real estate videos outside of YouTube
  • How to leverage walk-through traffic and market your real estate video directly to buyers
  • How to market real estate videos to buyers and neighbors passing by the home
  • How to market real estate videos through social media
  • … and more!

Stick around for more tips on leveraging video in your real estate business and becoming the North Texas realtor that sellers can’t resist.

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