Unfortunately, not everyone is going to find your real estate video tour online. Like most marketing, you shouldn’t rely on one single method and put your eggs all in one basket. Instead, try marketing to buyers at showings.

5 – Marketing Real Estate With Video – How to Market Real Estate Video Tour to Buyers at Showings

This tutorial on marketing real estate with video discusses how to increase video exposure by marketing your video to buyers that walk through the property during showings.

We can’t rely on all buyers to do their online research before attending a property showing. Some buyers simply won’t run across your real estate video before they see the listing in person. We can make sure buyers are aware of the online video by using a card tent. Tell the buyer to look up the property online for a walk-through home video tour.

A reminder to look up the property online is something that will stick out in the buyer’s mind. Not only will they then probably look up that property’s address when they get home, but they also may look up other properties and come across more of your videos. By giving them more information about the property, you are getting them to become attached by allowing them to consume as much data as possible about the home.

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