It’s no secret that consumers love video. YouTube is logging billions of video views and it’s all because of us. WE are the consumers! You, me, buyers and sellers, we all love video! So why not come up with a marketing plan to include video in your real estate business?

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8 – Marketing Real Estate With Video – Use Real Estate Video to Win More Listings

This tutorial on marketing real estate with video discusses how to win more listings through the use of video in your real estate business.

If you were given the choice of watching a TV Show or reading the script, which would you rather do? Or maybe a more realistic example… You are searching for a product online (because you start to make all of your decisions by searching online just like buyers and sellers of real estate) and you come across a website that has a one-page review of the product in question. They also have a video of the product, and at the top it says the text review is the same exact content as what is in the video. How would you like to absorb the information – by reading the text or watching the video?

If you are like me, you’ll click on the video. That’s because it’s more interesting to watch, and it allows us to see more than what text can provide. It’s the same way with real estate! With a real estate video tour, you have the chance better capture the attention of buyers. Video can evoke emotion due to the movement and the feeling that the buyer is actually in the home walking around. They start to imagine themselves living in the home and watch the video over and over. Photos and text descriptions posted on the MLS just don’t cut it – they don’t sell that emotion (and we all know that emotion sells real estate).

Great, we have buyers that can watch our video. So how does that win you more listings? Since we already established that we all love video, sellers included, we then are able to leverage that selling point in our listing presentations. Take your iPad with you to a listing presentation and show the seller how you plan to market their property with a walk-through, full-motion video tour. Let them see one of your previous listings right there in front of them. Just like when you chose the video review over the text version, the seller will choose you over the real estate agent that isn’t offering video to market their home.

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