In marketing a real estate property, it’s not always about the house. Of course the house is a major part of the purchase – it’s the physical thing that the money is buying. However when buyers are searching for a home online and all they see are photos or text of a property, they may be missing out on additional reasons they should look at a specific home. Real estate video tours can evoke emotion through the use of lifestyle footage in addition to the walk-through home tour.

1808 Dublin Road, in Parker, Texas, is a property that just can’t be sold with real estate photography and a text description. You see, there are many other aspects of the home and living at the property, that the current homeowners knew they wanted to convey to buyers, but they weren’t sure how. When the realtor contacted me to produce a video tour of the home, I was told about the expansive green landscape surrounding the property; the peacefulness that surrounds the property; and most interesting to me, the Tour de Dublin!

A couple of times per week, a cycling group (from Richardson Bike Mart perhaps?) rides right in front of this property on Dublin Road in Parker. The homeowners sit on their white fenced-in porch and relax as the sound of gears from off in the distance start to fill the calm air. Moments later, the first pack of riders flies by, chasing what seems to be the elusive win. For the next ten to fifteen minutes, cyclists pass one-by-one, or in groups of two or three. They couldn’t keep up with the main pack.

But you can’t discount their efforts! Soon a pack of about thirty cyclists came roaring down Dublin Road, in an array of colors on their jerseys. It is quite a sight to see, and one that the future homeowners of this 1808 Dublin Road home will be sure to enjoy. I was told that depending on the day and weather conditions, the group has been known to reach into the two-hundreds! Sitting on the porch, looking from one end of Dublin Road to the other, all you see is a mass of cyclists.

Could we have taken a couple of photos of cyclists and posted them to the MLS for this property? Sure, but it wouldn’t make much sense. Buyers that aren’t familiar with cyclists would be wondering why there’s a photo of people on bicycles attached to the property listing! With video, we were not only able to show the surroundings with the golf course across the street and the expansive green landscape, but we were able to capture the moment when the cyclists crest the hill down past the property on Dublin Road and begin their journey past this wonderful property.

Take a minute to enjoy this video tour of 1808 Dublin Road in Parker Texas. Within the first minute you’ll see the cyclists ride by, and the end of the video features shots of the pool and patio out back, closing off with a nice glass of wine.

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