5109 Edgewater Court in Parker Texas is located close to Plano with an enormous lot.

The buyer of this property can expect to enjoy peaceful evenings in this quiet subdivision. In the Edgewater addition, it’s about living in the rolling hills and countryside, while enjoying a neighborhood of friends in unique, spectacular homes.

Check out the video tour of this Parker Texas property below.

[youtube id=”4S9sd6Bou9U” width=”612″ height=”344″]

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North Texas Real Estate Marketing Tip

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Are you wasting money on marketing tactics that used to work in the past but aren’t showing a return today? As a real estate agent in Southlake and Keller, you used to be able to send out postcards and get a response. The marketing methods you used to use no longer work, as your audience is not interested in receiving unsolicited materials. Give your audience (the home buyer/seller/consumer) what they want: VIDEO!


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    Brian Shuey

    13 05 2012

    Great work Lance! Video not only helps with initial contact in your marketing of the home but also in SEO and listing presentation. Plus, sending it to a buyer right after showing reinforces the visit and adds depth of experience and perhaps highlighting an additional area they didnt notice in the home in the first tour.

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      13 05 2012

      Thanks Brian – excellent points. There are many ways to take advantage of video in real estate and by doing so, you are ahead of the game and will be able to position yourself ahead of your friendly competition. Always a pleasure working with you Brian, thanks!

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