Do Bad MLS Photos Keep Buyers Away?

I was drawn to this month’s Texas Realtor Magazine because of the headline: Connect With Gen Y.

Being young, I’m initially drawn to the article because I want to see how I think compared to others my age. But more importantly, I like to read articles in Texas Realtor Magazine that gives me content to be able to share with my realtor clients. As a “young gun”, it’s important to me that I explain current trends to my clients and make sure they are aware of what this upcoming generation does online, because ultimately, it’s going to have a big impact on my clients’ businesses (if it hasn’t already).

[youtube id=”v97K0HnZ9Ag” width=”612″ height=”344″]

This month’s featured article couldn’t have hit home any closer! It quotes buyers saying they determine WITHIN SECONDS if they want to put a house on their “to see in person” list. Why? Because today’s buyers start their search online and depend on the photos to choose which listings they want to tour.

I see so many Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate MLS listings using poor real estate photography, and I just wonder.. do those realtors know the damage they are potentially doing to not only their seller, but their own business? If buyers are passing up your listings because the photos are poor, that means your seller isn’t selling their home. If they don’t sell their home, you don’t get your commission!

Another interesting piece in the article talked about how Gen Y wants video. It makes perfect sense to give them video so they can find out more information about a listing or area where they want to live in. And the great thing about video, is you can potentially reach clients that aren’t ready for you, but may be in the future! You can post community videos that garner lots of views, and when a buyer decides to move there, they might remember you and ask you to be their agent! Additionally, sellers of that community will recognize you and might come to you to sell their home!

Check out my 5 minute summary of the Gen Y article in Texas Realtor Magazine by watching this video.

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