9159 Saddle Horn Court in Prosper, Texas is summed up best by real estate agent Brent Wells of RE/MAX Four Corners:

Beautiful and gorgeous in Prosper, Texas. Custom home, on acreage, quiet country living and amazing schools.

If you want out of the hustle and bustle of living in Dallas and don’t want your neighbor to be able to reach out their window and touch your home, then Prosper may be just the place for you.

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Dallas Fort Worth Texas Real Estate Video Marketing Tip

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“I can trust video more than photos” – Consumer panelist at HearItDirect conference in Plano, Texas. Buyers know how easy it is to “photoshop” images these days. Therefore, they don’t completely trust the photos they see online. By giving them an HD video walk-through tour of your Arlington, Irving or Mansfield, you show them the true state of the property and are sure to win them over.


By Lance Selgo

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