The Dallas Fort Worth real estate market is HOT! As a Dallas Realtor, why would you pay for professional real estate photography and professional home staging when you know the property is going to sell quickly?

Lately I’ve heard a lot of excuses as to why Realtors are hesitant to pay for professional real estate photography and staging in the seller’s market we have currently in Dallas Fort Worth:

The property is going to sell within 24 hours.

We’ll have 10 showings and 2 offers the moment it hits the market

We always do this light staging for vacant properties and have had success – it’ll sell

Are Realtors using the above excuses to save a couple of marketing dollars, only to possibly lose out on a lot more? Watch what I have to say below to see why I think that even in a quick selling real estate market, it’s important that real estate agents continue to market their properties with professional real estate photography and staging.

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Dallas Fort Worth Texas Real Estate Video Marketing Tip

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Real estate HD video walk-through tours set you apart from other competing real estate agents. You can be the Realtor of choice by offering Dallas, Plano and Frisco home sellers a marketing package far above the competition.


By Lance Selgo

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    Karen Otto

    07 05 2013

    Preach ON Lance! All your points are spot on and home sellers need to educate themselves on the Realtors who set themselves and their clients apart by offering marketing services above the status quo. Just like in any profession, not all real estate professionals are created equally!

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      07 05 2013

      Thanks for reading and commenting Karen! Stage on!

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