1235 Kingston Place in Aubrey Texas is located in the amenity-filled Providence Village. You wouldn’t guess by watching this video, but this property was previously rented and destroyed by the renter. The homeowner came in and fixed up the issues and the property is now in excellent condition for sale!

1604 Fair Oaks Drive in Westlake is a beautiful home in the gated Glenswyck Farms subdivision. The expansive lower level offers plenty of entertaining opportunities, but the upstairs and back yard are selling points of this home. The upstairs features a media room and game room/study area that overlooks the back yard. When I was taking photos of the pool from the balcony, the breeze from the wind was extremely pleasant.

Dwell With Dignity Thrift Studio Photos I haven’t been very diligent at sharing photos from my Dwell with Dignity (DwD) shoots so far this year. But it’s time to share with you some absolutely amazing vignettes from the pop-up Thrift Studio that DwD is about ready to open. https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Dwell-with-Dignity-Logo.jpg If you haven’t heard of Dwell with Dignity, they are

Real Estate Marketing With Virtual Tours There are many ways Southlake and Keller real estate agents can market your property. The one marketing tool that I have a big role in, and quite possibly one of the most important tools in their marketing plan considering the majority of buyers start their home search online, is through the display of real estate photography and video, with virtual tours.

11908 Drummond Lane in Fort Worth is only three years old and wonderfully decorated. You’ll feel at home when you watch our video tour. With a full list-price offer, buyers can move in and keep the furniture that’s already in the home! Watch the real estate HD video walk-through tour below.

It’s no secret that consumers love video. YouTube is logging billions of video views and it’s all because of us. WE are the consumers! You, me, buyers and sellers, we all love video! So why not come up with a marketing plan to include video in your real estate business?

You might not be the only one interested in leveraging the power of video to market real estate. Many brokers and national real estate companies are embracing video and helping their realtors market with video.

Photography for real estate agents can play an extremely important role in their business. It not only markets a property listing in a good light, but it also markets the realtor’s business. Seller’s would much rather list with a real estate agent that uses a professional photographer compared with realtors that use their own point-and-shoot.

Although YouTube is very important, Google also looks to other video sites on the web to index real estate videos. Help Google find your video by uploading your real estate video tours to multiple video sites.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to find your real estate video tour online. Like most marketing, you shouldn’t rely on one single method and put your eggs all in one basket. Instead, try marketing to buyers at showings.