The Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park in Grapevine, Texas was established in 2000. The park has much to offer, including:

Real estate agents usually are not short of crazy, amusing stories. Going through homes and dealing with multiple clients is a sure-fire way of building a repertoire of stories to share with family, friends and co-workers. We aren’t exempt from having fun stories to share and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share one. The video below is part of an upcoming project where realtors will be able to submit

The Fort Worth Water Gardens claims its home right in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, Built in 1974, water flows over massive concrete architecture and sits silent in pools knee deep. A multitude of trees and plants fill the grounds of the park making it a relaxing place to spend an evening.

The Keller Town Center is located in the heart of Keller, TX. Featuring streets, pedestrian trails, lakes, water features and greenbelts, the Keller Town Center has much to offer to Keller residents.