The Fort Worth Water Gardens claims its home right in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, Built in 1974, water flows over massive concrete architecture and sits silent in pools knee deep. A multitude of trees and plants fill the grounds of the park making it a relaxing place to spend an evening.

Summer or winter, the Water Gardens is a site to visit. Cool off in the summer by stepping in one of the pools or enjoy a book to the sound of fountains in the cool fall air.

Take our virtual tour of the Fort Worth Water Gardens by watching our video below and mark a spot on your calendar to make a visit. It’s an outdoor activity you will surely enjoy.

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Nestled in the South end of downtown Fort Worth, Texas, amongst skyscrapers and busy streets, is the Fort Worth Water Gardens – a cooling oasis in the concrete jungle. The water park features three pools of water and a terraced knoll. If you visit the Fort Worth Water Gardens you are sure to find book readers enjoying the quiet meditation pool, children admiring the multiple spray fountains in the aerating pool and adventurers walking down the terraces and steps in the active pool to be in the midst of it all, without getting wet.

Visit the Fort Worth Water Gardens and take a relaxing walk around the park while enjoying the sights and sounds this water feature brings to downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

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    20 06 2013

    Could you give me an address so I can iput it to GPS for directiosns

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      15 10 2013

      32.747692,-97.326634 🙂

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