By Caleb Leonard

In the competitive world of real estate marketing, catching the eye of potential buyers has become an art form. The newest medium is drone footage. Elevating your real estate listings with drones is more than a double entendre; it’s a shrewd way to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s explore how drones are revolutionizing the real estate industry by adding a unique perspective to listings.

Must-Have Drone Images for Real Estate Photography


Drones are revolutionizing property listings by adding stunning aerial perspectives and immersive views. Where traditional photography falls flat, drone footage mesmerizes with unique portrayals of the property’s layout, surroundings, and architectural details.

With a bird’s eye view, clients can consider the property’s scale, neighborhood, and key selling points.

How Do Drones Differentiate Listings?

A drone’s soaring perspective showcases listings in a way that traditional photography can’t replicate. With drones, potential buyers can see the entire property’s layout, surrounding landscape, and neighborhood from above.

This unique vantage point offers a comprehensive understanding of the property’s features and highlights architectural details, surpassing stale listings that rely solely on ground-level photographs.

Drones are slick tools for highlighting pools, fence lines, ADUs, and landscapes, while aerial shots of nearby golf courses, airports, and metro areas might tip the scale in the seller’s favor.

The Effect of Drone Footage on Potential Buyers



Drone footage creates a dynamic and compelling viewing experience that stays with potential homebuyers. This lasting impression sparks an attachment to the property amplified by the grandeur of the images. 

This attachment is critical as buyers sift through countless listings seeking an emotional connection. After seeing the aerial images, buyers feel better informed about the property’s layout, surrounding environment, scale, and neighborhood and are much more likely to request a showing.

Ultimately, drone photos pique buyer interest, boost engagement, and offer buyers a complete view of the property, making online viewers feel informed and confident about advancing the home-buying process.

The Impact of Drones on the Real Estate Industry

The impression made by drone footage isn’t some unquantifiable feeling. Here’s how drones affect business in the real estate sector:  

  • MLS statistics show aerial images sold homes 68% faster than listings with standard images.
  • Inquiries about listings with drone footage have increased by 403%.
  • Drones can now move details from the end of MLS remarks to the forefront of property photos, where buyers spend 60% of their time.

The Bottom Line: Utilizing drones to showcase properties languishing on the market significantly improves the likelihood of buyer engagement.

Essential Shots to Include in Your Listing

From comprehensive aerial overviews to captivating panos, these shots soar above stills from the sidewalk. Here are five essential drone shots to include with your listing:

Approach Shot: This introductory shot sets the scene. Capture the property from a distance, and close up to showcase exterior details and build anticipation. 

Aerial Overview: Showcase the property’s size, layout, context, and surroundings from above.

Top-Down Shot: With a bird’s-eye view directly above the property, this dizzying shot highlights outdoor amenities and backyard design. This shot is a must for homes with swimming pools.

Horizontal Panorama: This is the most common shot and should be shot at full, medium, and lower heights. Remember to take photos at golden hour or dusk to show off the home’s exterior lighting.

These drone shots provide a comprehensive view of properties and tell a visual story that engages homebuyers.

FAQ About Drone Real Estate Footage

How many drone photos should I include in my listing?

Include 7 to 10 photos per listing for an immersive experience.

Can I integrate drone footage into my existing marketing materials?

Yes. Standard editing software can integrate drone images into virtual tours, property websites, and social media accounts.

Do I need a drone operator?

Yes. A licensed and experienced drone operator specializing in real estate photography is the best choice. Review portfolios, seek recommendations, and verify they understand local regulations to ensure they are compliant.

Hiring a licensed drone operator ensures legal compliance and is your best bet for a clean marketing package.

Incorporating drones to elevate your real estate listings is a strategic move that soars beyond traditional marketing boundaries. Drones provide comprehensive property views and unique visual storytelling that sets listings apart and maximizes buyer engagement. If you’re ready to put your real estate listings ahead of the pack, contact Unique Exposure Photography to learn about our packages. 

Caleb Leonard is a freelance writer and marketing professional. A graduate of the University of North Texas, his interests include gardening, podcasts, and studying Spanish.

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