By Tammy Pitts

We live in a fast-paced world where people expect instant gratification, and that includes touring homes they might like to purchase. Using innovative tools like 360-degree virtual tours allows potential buyers to start the browsing process online. With the ability for buyers to virtually explore every listing and examine every detail, 360-degree virtual tours are a game-changer for the industry. 

Here are the 5 top reasons why you should be creating a virtual tour with all properties listed on your website.


In an era where convenience is king, 3D tours are crucial. Potential buyers can browse properties from their phone, laptop, or tablet anytime, anywhere. With just a Wi-Fi connection, they can “walk” through the home, spending as much or as little time as they please. 

Similar to how short video reels dominate over static images on social media, 3D tours captivate users with the ability to virtually enter and explore spaces. Additionally, these tours get more clicks compared to listings that only use photo images. And aside from that, visitors stay 5 to 10 times longer on real estate sites with 3D virtual tours.


Virtual tours eliminate geographical barriers, opening properties to international or out-of-state buyers who cannot visit in person, not to mention the busy family who doesn’t have time to spare for home tours all weekend. This technology gives them a chance to experience the property firsthand before deciding whether to make an offer.  



3D virtual tours are so much better than traditional photos and even videos because the specialized cameras and software allow for a comprehensive view of the property. A potential buyer can zoom in, pan across, and examine every nook and cranny in these 3D tours –– from the interior corners to the exterior boundaries.

This means a home with a 360-degree virtual tour needs to be far cleaner than homes for walk-through tours. What to watch for? Go through your showcase home with a fine-toothed comb (and maybe a cobweb duster) to remove any signs of pests (ants, spiders, and roaches). Watch the video tour carefully before uploading and zoom in before uploading for would-be buyers to view. 

A 360-degree virtual tour increases the buyer’s engagement with the property, but remember that they can zoom in during the 3D tour.

Builds Trust

With a virtual tour, there is nothing left to the imagination. What the buyers see is exactly what the home looks like in person –– full transparency.  Because they’re able to spend as much time as they would like examining details and features that may be critical to their decision-making process, they gain trust and confidence in the real estate transaction.

Competitive Advantage

Sellers who offer virtual tours gain a competitive advantage in the market. It showcases their commitment to providing the buyers with a detailed view of the property. It also highlights their commitment to embracing modern technology, which is especially popular among millennial buyers. Based on data from Zillow, in May 2020, buyers saved listings with 3D home tours 32% more often than listings without.

Cost-effective marketing

For real estate agents and property sellers, virtual tours provide a cost-effective marketing tool. An agent can show a property to a wide-ranging audience without the need for expensive physical open houses. Virtual tours attract more potential buyers, leading to increased exposure and higher chances of securing a sale.

Simply stated, 3D virtual tours are transforming the real estate industry and elevating client experiences. Enhance your listings with our specialized real estate photography, videography, and aerial shots, and watch your sales soar. 

Tammy has an extensive background in journalism, media relations, social media strategy, marketing, and brand management. She resides in Michigan with her family which includes her two sons and their Goldendoodle, Max. In her free time, she loves to read and travel.

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