Yes, Your Camera Is Good Enough

In the real estate business, photos play an extremely important role not only in just selling properties, but also to help you gain business. If you are a Dallas/Fort Worth Realtor, great photos attract the attention of buyers and shows sellers you are going to market their property to its fullest potential. If you are a Dallas/Fort Worth home stager, your before/after staging photos showcase your business and help prove why realtors should use you to help sell properties quicker.

A couple of times per year I give a presentation on how to take better interior real estate photos with the camera you already have. You don’t need to go buy an expensive Canon/Nikon dSLR with a lens specifically for real estate photography. In the presentation, I mostly showcase photos taken with a $100 point-and-shoot! If you already own a dSLR, this presentation will still benefit you greatly! The tips that are outlined work for both point-and-shoots, and dSLRs.

What you’ll learn:

  • What makes a real estate photo more pleasing to look at?
  • How do you use the camera you currently have to get better interior photos for the MLS or your staging business?
  • What equipment is necessary to obtain great home photos?
  • What angles can I take that end up in a better interior photo?
  • What point of view should I focus on – how high should the camera be from the floor for great real estate photography?

I hope you enjoy the 30-minute presentation below and are able to implement the simple tips I give to take better interior real estate photos!

I Can’t Give Up Two Lattes!

I know, I like my morning latte as well. If you are like me and you simply don’t want to give up two morning lattes to gain access to this great video, I have an alternative!

If you are local to Dallas/Fort Worth, I would be delighted to give this presentation to your office FOR FREE! Simply contact me to schedule a time and I’ll be able to answer questions in person – an experience that can’t be duplicated in a video format!

All I ask is that you guarantee that at least 10 agents will be present.

Want more proof that photos in real estate are important? Check out what Dallas Fort Worth Home Buyers are saying!

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