It’s June of 2019, and when I go to real estate photography appointments I can generally count on the agent mentioning something about the market slowing down. Or they don’t have as much work as they did last year. They say it’s really tough to get listings right now. But these are the best Realtors in Dallas, and if it’s a struggle for them to get listings, then I can only imagine how difficult it is for an agent who doesn’t yet have the industry figured out.

Do you want to know what the best Dallas Realtors are doing, that you aren’t?

Professional Real Estate Photography

I know. I’m a professional real estate photographer, in Dallas. So of course I’m going to say this. But give me a second to explain so it will all make sense!

In a tough market where it’s hard to win listings, Dallas Realtors are pulling out all of their tricks to get sellers on their side. Home owners are interviewing multiple agents and choosing not only the one they are most comfortable with, but also the agent who they think will bring the best value when marketing their home.

The top Dallas real estate agents? They know that not only do they need to provide top-level service to seal the deal in a listing appointment, but they also know exactly what type of marketing they need to do to sell a home quickly – for top dollar.

And I don’t blame them! As a Realtor working on commission, it only makes sense to sell the home for as much as possible as it increases the check they’ll receive on closing day!

The First Showing is Online

You have probably heard it before, and it’s true – the first showing for a buyer is likely going to be virtual. They are going to look at the photos online to decide if the house is even worth adding it to their “want” list. With poor photos, buyers are more likely to disregard a property and move on to the next, especially in a market where prices are on the higher end.

Do you have a friend who is just generally interested in real estate, who is always on their phone looking up homes in the area? They are literally flying through homes online and looking at the first few pictures to determine if it’s anything worth spending their time on. This is exactly the behavior that buyers are engaging in.

My Phone Takes Amazing Photos

In today’s technology world, phone camera quality has sky rocketed. However they tend to work the best in outdoor, natural light environments. It’s still extremely difficult to get a great photo of an interior, where the dynamic range of light between the darker inside and the very bright exterior is drastic.

Although you likely have your phone on you and could quickly snap photos, the result will be shy of the quality needed to properly market a home. A professional can use tricks and methods to help brighten the interior, while also showing the exterior, making for a very pleasing and eye-catching photo.

And when you have a listing with beautiful photos? You maximize your pool of buyers who will potentially be interested in the home! This leads to quicker home sales, for more money.

You Deserve It

Your sellers deserve a quick sale and top dollar for their home, but also YOU deserve it! You deserve the highest commission check possible to reflect all of the hard work you put into marketing and selling your listings. Hire a professional real estate photographer today and jump start your real estate career success!

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    Home Star Staging

    08 06 2019

    Preach it Unique Exposure Photography! Even a house that is perfectly staged in person will look terrible online if the photos are poor quality. Always hire (and sellers should demand from their agents) a professional real photographer for their biggest investment. You only have one chance to make a first impression and it truly does start online!

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