Photography for real estate agents can play an extremely important role in their business. It not only markets a property listing in a good light, but it also markets the realtor’s business. Seller’s would much rather list with a real estate agent that uses a professional photographer compared with realtors that use their own point-and-shoot.

Photography for Real Estate Agents –¬†Blue Sky Replacement

Photography for real estate agents is important because the photos can be the first thing potential buyers see to determine if they want more information about any given property. And what’s even more important, is the exterior photos. When home buyers search for properties online, they are usually only presented with the primary photo of a listing. Based off of that photo, they decide if they want to click on it to see more photos and find out more about a home.

As a real estate agent, photography can be one of the marketing tools that sets you apart from other agents and may determine how many buyers you can attract to your listing. Buyers don’t want to see a dull, sad and white sky when they look at photos. It’s important to draw them in because as we know, emotion sells real estate. Unfortunately when taking real estate photos, you may have the best camera for real estate photos but the end result will be a white sky instead of a bright blue sky. With the way the camera works, what real estate photography equipment we have at our disposal and where the sun is according to the direction the home faces, sometimes we just can’t control the sky.

One of the many real estate photography tips that I will be sharing is how you can encourage buyers to click on your listing to find out more information, simply by having a happy, blue sky. Watch this video clip and step into the buyers shoes. Where would you rather have your summer BBQ?

[youtube id=”BCLv3iBCwU4″ width=”612″ height=”344″]

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    Clara Margaret

    12 08 2013

    I absolutely agree with
    Sky Replacement crops out or takes out unappealing, dark or gloomy skylines and restores them with a additional pictorial background which eventually brighten up the ambience of the photo and works as a main stream to enhance your realty business

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