You just paid a photographer to shoot a home for you, and you love the photos of the home. Let’s assume you were given the following photo:

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You upload the photo to the MLS, go to the listing online, and this is what you see:

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The photo that you thought was crisp and clear, is now blurry and pixelated. Angry that the photos you paid for aren’t showing up nicely on the listing, you call your real estate photographer.


You Hi photographer, love the photos you took!
Photographer Hello, thanks! We knew you would love them!
You Hey I have a question. When I view them on my computer they look great, but when I post them to MLS they look blurry. What’s wrong?
Photographer Unfortunately this can happen due to the way the MLS compresses and adjusts the photos when you upload to their system. Sometimes they try to save space so they decrease the quality of the photo which results in it being blurry and pixelated.
You Oh. Is there anything we can do so potential buyers see the high-quality versions of the photos?
Photographer Of course! All you need to do is pay us $40 and we’ll create a Virtual Tour that you can link to your listing. When a buyer clicks the link, they’ll see the photos in full size and it will be fantastic!
You But I already paid for my photos, I don’t want to pay again!
Photographer Sorry, business is business!

You hang up and call Unique Exposure Photography.

You Hi, I am having issues with posting photos to the MLS, they are blurry. I would like a Virtual Tour for my listings because I understand buyers will see a full-screen, high-quality version of my photos. I just don’t want to pay the $20, $30 or $40 that another photographer is requesting on top of my photo shoot. How much do you charge for a Virtual Tour?
UEP Nothing, it’s completely free. Our real estate photo package includes a free Virtual Tour at absolutely no additional cost to you.
You Really?! How can I schedule my next listing with you!
UEP Contact Us – we would love to shoot your next listing and provide you with professional real estate photos along with a free Virtual Tour!

It’s really that easy. We understand you are investing your marketing dollars into professional real estate photography so we want to make sure we give you the opportunity to reach buyers with top-quality photos. Control the quality of information you are presenting about a property – don’t let MLS sites stop you by posting low-quality versions of your photos!

Here’s an example of one of our Virtual Tours:


Unique Exposure Photography is an approved vendor with NTREIS and For every real estate photo shoot, we will provide you with a MLS-Compliant Virtual Tour as well as a branded Virtual Tour that can contain your photo and contact information. You can submit the tour links via NTREIS and we will attach the tour to your listing for you.


[image shadow=”true” border=”true” size=”vtiny” align=”center”][/image]



[image shadow=”true” border=”true” size=”vtiny” align=”center”][/image]


Note: charges an additional $20 fee to post a Virtual Tour to your listing. This fee will be passed along to you. waives the fee for all members of their Showcase Agent program.

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