Client testimonials are very powerful for any business, including realtors. They are a way to show potential clients that as a realtor, you have successfully helped clients sell or buy a home. It is a way to sell your services without a huge sales pitch that some clients might not connect with.

A common way to add testimonials to a realtor website is to request a write-up from a previous client. The copy is then placed on the website for everyone to see. Although posting the text on the website is beneficial, there is another method that can have even more impact: video.

Ask yourself this question: When is the last time I watched a video on the computer? Odds are it was somewhat recent. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, behind Google. Leveraging YouTube traffic is a great way share your testimonials and with video being so popular, it is sure to be a hit with your future clients.

Check out the real estate agent HD video testimonial we did about Paula Watson, realtor for Ebby Halliday in Southlake, TX.

[youtube id=”p4OLtUUBUNc” width=”608″ height=”372″]

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I was living in Texas for about a year, and I decided to make the plunge from an apartment to my first home. So I contacted Ebby Halliday and tried to speak with a specific realtor that was referred to me by a friend, but that realtor was unavailable. So they directed me to Paula Watson.Paula helped me on my home search – we first started looking at short sales and we actually put an offer on one. However, it fell through at the last minute. Although I was disappointed, Paula continued to search and actually pointed me to a neighborhood that was just being built and there was a home that another couple had started to build but they backed out of it. So I was able to move into a new construction home, and even was able to pick out some features that I wanted in the home.Overall, I’ve been very pleased with how Paula helped me find my home. And I really like the fact that she stays in contact. Throughout the months, I receive fliers in the mail that give me tips that are great for a first-time home buyer – even for somebody that’s been in their home for a long time. It’s a lot of reminders about insurance, or how to take care of your lawn in the Texas heat. It’s just really nice to stay in touch.I would definitely recommend Paula for anybody who is looking for a home and in need of a realtor.
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