Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sell a home with an iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device? As crazy as it sounds, it’s not so out of reach. Unless of course, the property being marketed can not be viewed on an iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

I don’t see the day that we’ll be able to sign for a home on a tablet computer, or simply swipe a card with square attached to an iPhone┬áto complete the down payment. However there is definitely a rise in mobile device usage and it’s important that North Texas realtors, real estate agents and homeowners understand the benefit of selling to these mobile users.

[image lightbox=”true” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”UEPVideos – YouTube Channel Playback Locations” caption=”UEPVideos – YouTube Channel Playback Locations” size=”medium” align=”right”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/UEPVideos-YouTube-Playback-Locations.jpg[/image]Let’s take a look at our YouTube Channel, UEPVideos. I was surprised to see that a good portion of our video views are being completed on mobile devices. Click on the graph to the right, and you’ll see that over 20% of our traffic views on our YouTube channel are coming from mobile devices. This is a significant number, that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

With the rise in mobile device usage, it makes sense to utilize marketing media when putting a North Texas home for sale on the market that is friendly to mobile devices. This is where our Dallas Fort Worth professional real estate photography services come in to play. With every real estate shoot, we deliver NTREIS and Realtor.com compliant virtual tour links that allow buyers to view high-quality, full-screen images of the property. We make sure the buyers that might be using mobile devices in their home search will be able to view the images just as easily as if they were on their home computer.

Click on the iPads below to see how our virtual tours look on iPads. Buyers can view the photo gallery and view all of the professional real estate photos from the shoot, and they can even watch an HD video walk-through tour of the property directly on their device.


[image lightbox=”true” group=”ipadvirtualtour” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”iPad Virtual Tour Page” caption=”Once loaded, the iPad Virtual Tour Page shows an image inviting buyers to click to view the gallery.” size=”tiny” align=”center”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-iPad-Virtual-Tour-1.jpg[/image]



[image lightbox=”true” group=”ipadvirtualtour” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”iPad Virtual Tour Photo Gallery” caption=”Clicking to view the gallery shows large images and thumbnails for navigation.” size=”tiny” align=”center”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-iPad-Virtual-Tour-2.jpg[/image]



[image lightbox=”true” group=”ipadvirtualtour” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”iPad Virtual Tour Video Playback” caption=”HD video walk-throughs can be played directly on the mobile device.” size=”tiny” align=”center”]https://www.uniqueexposurephotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Fort-Worth-Real-Estate-Photographer-iPad-Virtual-Tour-3.jpg[/image]


The sale might not be completed on a mobile device, but it’s our goal to make sure your potential buyers can view our professional media on whatever device they are using when searching for a new North Texas home.

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