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We might be far from New York, but real estate advice from one end of the country can be applied to us here in North Texas. Here are some quotes from some real estate shows currently airing on TV.

We hear it all the time that we have to de-clutter our homes when we list them on the market. A homeowner was using a walk-in closet, AND a bathroom, to store all of her clothes and shoes. You could barely walk into either space. Her agent enlisted the help of a professional organizer. Here in North Texas, you can get this advice from some of our awesome professional home stagers.

There’s a way that you sell your home and there’s a way that you live in your home. If a buyer can connect with your place faster, you are going to sell it faster.
If you want to sell, you have to remember that buyers have NO imagination. [When you de-clutter and remove your personal belongings] it’s like ripping off a bandaid – it stings for a second, but it will be just fine.

And it seemed staging helped another broker from a different show, evidenced by the quote:

From the perspective of a real estate broker, staging is just about everything. You have to be able to give people the opportunity to see a home, in the way they might live there themselves.

Are you having trouble selling a property? Whether it’s a vacant property that needs furnishings or an occupied home that needs a staging consult with additional accessories brought in, give me a call. I’ll guide you to the best stagers in North Texas that will help you get your property sold.

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