You might not be the only one interested in leveraging the power of video to market real estate. Many brokers and national real estate companies are embracing video and helping their realtors market with video.

7 – Marketing Real Estate With Video – Ask Your Broker How They Embrace Real Estate Video

This tutorial on marketing real estate with video discusses how to increase video exposure by finding out how your broker plans to embrace real estate video.

You aren’t alone. Many realtors, real estate agents and brokers are turning to video to help market real estate properties. Do a little research and figure out how your broker plans to embrace video. Hopefully they have a plan in place and you can immediately take advantage of what they have to offer. Here are a couple of examples of brokers and national real estate companies leveraging the power of video:

Coldwell Banker – They have their own YouTube channel called Coldwell Banker On Location. Agents are invited to participate by submitting videos through their local systems, which then get syndicated to the Coldwell Banker YouTube Channel. They claim they are the largest YouTube Channel for real estate amongst the national chains, and with close to 1700 videos posted as of this writing and almost 2.5 million views, I bet they are right.

The GoodLife Team – An Austin based real estate company, The GoodLife Team is known for not only their extensive video work within their real estate company, but also their use of technology to help improve their client experience. For instance, they use iPads to allow buyers to write down notes while touring homes, and they complete contracts electronically directly from the devices. They have a great video describing their iPad use that I’ll post at the bottom of this article.

Ask your broker how they plan to invest in video because it’s where real estate is heading. Hopefully they agree and jump on board, if they haven’t yet.

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The GoodLife Team Profiled by Apple

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