Benefits of Real Estate Video in Search Results

As a Southlake or Keller realtor, you have the choice of how you are going to market your real estate properties. That choice could impact how your properties show up in search engines like Google, when buyers are looking up more information about a given property. I was looking up one of the listings I most recently did a video tour of. In the first 5 days of being posted online, the video has been viewed more than 100 times. But what I found more interesting, was what Google showed me when I searched for that property online.

[youtube id=”Y3BUpYXc7Dw” width=”612″ height=”344″]

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[image lightbox=”true” shadow=”true” border=”true” title=”1235 Kingston Place, Aubrey, TX Search Results” caption=”1235 Kingston Place, Aubrey, TX Search Results” size=”vsmall” align=”left”][/image]1235 Kingston Place is in Aubrey, Texas in the Providence Village subdivision. I was surprised to see the search results when I typed in “1235 Kingston Place, Aubrey, TX” into Google. Out of the ten results Google showed me, only THREE were from outside sources, out of my control! Better yet? The YouTube video was the FIRST result in the list! Click on the image to the left to view it larger, and see the search results.

So what do I mean by outside sources out of my control, and why does it matter for you, the Southlake/Keller real estate agent? As you are probably aware, there has been a lot of discussion lately about how your MLS Listings are propagated throughout the Internet and how your contact information is (or most likely is NOT) displayed when buyers find your listing. When you search for the average property listing, you are most likely going to have search results that showcase local realtors that have their own websites, or trulia, zillow, redfin, etc. It’s great that buyers can obtain the information they are after, but they also are subjected to advertisement by other realtors. YOU are no longer in the forefront, even though it is YOUR listing!

A magical thing can happen when you start to use video to market your real estate properties. Because Google loves video and many avenues are used to publish your video, you have the ability to smother your competitor’s websites so YOUR information is displayed front and center. Of the ten results shown in the example video above, only three will potentially show your competitor’s information. AND, those three, are at the BOTTOM of the search results! All of the other search results feature YOUR video, with YOUR contaction information on it!

And of course, let’s not forget that consumers LOVE video. With the first six results being all video based, you are showing consumers what they WANT, instead of the MLS listing facts that nobody wants to read.

The next time you go to market a property, think about how you can use real estate video tours to help set yourself apart from your competition, and help guide buyers to the star of the show – you. Don’t just post photos and a description on the MLS and let your competition’s websites be the winner when buyers search for your properties online.

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